Why Designs for Learning


Designs for Learning (DL) is a dynamically charged company providing educational services to charter schools and other organizations and brings a broad range of experience to the complex and inter-related tasks of organizational founding, development, management, and growth. By partnering with our clients, we continuously tailor services that meet their changing needs. 


Designs for Learning serves our schools and organizations by: 

·         building capacity through customized services 

·         creating constructive collaboration by offering multiple, connected services 

·         building supportive professional relationships with clients  


Designs for Learning offers its employees a supportive and engaging workplace by:

·         recognizing the professionalism of each employee

·         a flattened organization that allows for team decision making

·         flexible work schedule that includes on-site, in-office and at home options

·         Attractive compensation and benefits


As an entity serving the public good, it is vital that Designs for Learning reflect and value the communities we serve. If we are going to effectively support our clients, we need to have voices within our organization that provide us with greater context and understanding of the challenges our partners are facing. We are committed to increasing our internal diversity, economic parity, and racial justice by creating an accepting environment. It is essential that all individuals we partner with, both internally and externally, must hear, see, and respect all others, especially those that have been traditionally marginalized: Black, Hispanic, Latino, Pacific Island/Asian and Indigenous people. We strive for a healthy and prosperous society that promotes all people having equitable access and opportunity.