History and Experience

Our firm has been in the business of educational change since 1987, and we have been establishing and supporting charter schools and small organizations since 1995. Designs for Learning staff provide a variety of services tailored to fit client needs. Most of our work falls into two areas:

  • Creating and managing new charter schools,
  • Providing consulting services to operating charter schools, small business, and organizations.

We currently offer the following services to clients:

  • Charter school application and proposal development;
  • Start-up coordination;
  • Accounting and financial management;
  • Human Resources;
  • Government reporting and program evaluation;
  • Technology support;
  • Comprehensive Special Education Services;
  • Specialized consulting (grant writing, Board support, school improvement planning, professional development, etc.);
  • Customized training to build client capacity in the above areas.

We offer these services on an annual or long-term basis, and we are unique in that we also are willing to provide hands-on training and on-going support for clients who to want to bring these services in-house. At present, we contract with over 70 clients, for services in one or more of these areas. Client include charter schools, private schools, traditional school districts, Federal government departments, small businesses (for-profit and non-profit), and independent organizations.