Special Education

Provision of comprehensive and personalized services for special needs students can present challenges to small and innovative schools. DL special education professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help you develop a compliant and effective program that supports your academic vision.


  • We are a dynamic, proactive team which provides hands-on support with timely and knowledgeable response to your school's needs.
  • We will work with your school on development, coordination, training, special education supervision and administration for the school's Total Special Education System. We can help you develop and implement a Problem Solving Team, Child Study Team, and Parent Advisory Council. If you already have these things, our Special Education Director will drop in on these meetings to ensure your team is communicating effectively and using their time efficiently. When tricky situations arise we will be there to work through the problem with you to ensure the best outcome for your students and school.
  • Early Intervening Services (EIS) and Response to Intervention (RtI) are relatively new strategies schools are being asked to develop and implement. Our special education team is experienced and familiar with the growing pains associated with implementing these processes. We will tailor the programs to your schools and help ensure they are running effectively and efficiently, with support in capturing Title 1 and special education funding.
  • MDE Compliance and Monitoring: let us help you through it. Compliance and Monitoring is a complicated process our Special Education Directors have extensive experience with it. Each year schools we are working with go through it and we help them navigate the process. We're experts, and we'll advise school administration of all dates and procedures for compliance in the filing of State and Federal documents. We will also give you ongoing notifications regarding changes in legal mandates and procedural practices regarding the process.
  • Staff selection and training: our special education department has a wide network of contacts in special education and related fields. We can give you assistance with screening, interviewing and hiring or contracting with special education and related support staff. We will also be able to provide them with continued mentoring and development so that your school gets a knowledgeable asset who is continually developing their skill set.
  • Additional services: DL has contracted service providers, who are sensitive to language and cultural needs. We have providers in: school psychology, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, teachers in deaf/hard of hearing (DH/H), developmental cognitive delayed (DCD), early childhood special education (ECSE), emotional behavior disorder (EBD), and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and school health services.