English Learner Program Coordination

Designs for Learning now has capacity to assist charter schools in developing their English Learner programs and coordinating EL services.
Specific services we can provide include:
  • Assess the effectiveness of the EL program; provide input to school leadership for ongoing program improvement
  • Advise school leadership regarding what a successful program looks like and how to implement
  • Support EL teachers and paraprofessionals: EL Coordinator can provide program support based on an extensive knowledge-base of good practices in teaching language
  • Training for classroom teachers: EL Coordinator can train regular-education staff, to help them understand the needs of EL students and to support teaming between mainstream and EL teachers
  • ACCESS testing administration support; and help staff interpret and utilize test results
  • Serve as liaison with parents, to explain your school’s EL services
  • Ensure school distinguishes between EL and potential special education needs
  • Train cultural liaison to explain EL services across cultures

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