Program Support/Special Projects

An employee of Designs for Learning since 1993, Andrew is the organization’s lead for Program Support services. Andrew does evaluation and related work for DL clients, provides support to charter school boards, and helps plan/coordinate services. Andrew has taken part in all aspects of start-up for several new charter schools, including drafting charter proposals, obtaining 501(c)3 status, grant administration, and coordinating start-up efforts.  He has authored nineteen successful charter school proposals since 1998. He also serves on the DL leadership team and guides the company’s strategic planning and internal improvement efforts.

Andrew holds a Masters degree in Evaluation Studies (Dept. of Educational Policy and Administration) from the University of Minnesota. He has taken part in several organizational evaluations as a member of the Minnesota Performance Excellence Network’s Board of Evaluators. Interests in evaluation focus on organizational improvement and the use of data to drive organizational decisions.