Wilderness has experience in all aspects of charter school financial management. Wilderness has worked with several charter schools in her career providing superior service, training and expertise to support the schools she worked with. In addition to being experienced in school finance she also has accounting and finance management experience in real-estate, real-estate development, and lender compliance in both private and public environments. She has worked with clients all over the country to support their needs and has been responsible for maintaining internal and external relationships as well as supervising staff to produce quality products to customers.
Wilderness holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Metropolitan State University with an emphasis on economics. In 2007 she received her ABA (Accredited Business Accountant) certification with from the council for Accountancy and Taxation.
As Director of Finance for Designs for Learning, Wilderness oversees Financial Management for all our Finance & Accounting clients. Managing and cultivating client relationships, as well as internal and external operations management are primary roles. She works closely with Directors and Boards and monitors “pulse points” monthly at the sites to foresee any issues and help find solutions as problems arise.